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3CX vs Microsoft Teams

Fonctionnality – Comparator

3CX vs Microsoft Teams

Comparison of the main functionalities between a telephony solution based on a 3CX system or on a Microsoft Teams system.

Microsoft Teams

  • Allows you to use your usual Microsoft 365 environment with your corporate collaborative tool.
  • The solution is well suited to SMEs with specific and delimited needs

To take into consideration

  • The Microsoft Teams solution is constantly changing and there may be operational differences from week to week depending on what Microsoft chooses to change
  • The choice of terminals must be made within the limits of terminals compatible with Microsoft Teams. Currently DECT telephony is not yet part of the possibilities of this ecosystem

3CX solution

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Allows finesse integration and configuration that will delight most users.
  • This solution integrates very well with most sectors of activity and is well understood.
  • The updates being deployed by us and the regular follow-up allow a very high level of service.
  • External solutions such as door intercoms or DECT systems are possible. Call statistics, the ability to record conversations or even the dashboard are all tools for managing efficiency in your business.

In summary, the two solutions have their own advantages. We are here to help you in your choice in order
to best correspond to the needs of your business.

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