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The new Swiss Collaboration App to secure Business Privacy

The Swiss collaborative application for business confidentiality and security

SHAREKEY is a new, Swiss-based, all-in-one (messaging, drive & video, online collaboration), very easy-to-use collaborative application designed to secure business secrets. It’s the solution for CEOs, board members, legal and finance staff to share confidential information, anywhere in the world and synced across multiple devices. Built in a crypto-currency wallet, the app is heavily encrypted in Zero Trust mode and makes all exchanges completely private. Encryption keys are completely decentralized, always on users’ devices, never in the cloud.

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Communicate securely

SHAREKEY is an “All-in-One” application that meets the needs of data exchange in a highly secure and entirely private space. Thanks to its app-to-app encryption technology, only users have access to their data and can assign privileges and access rights to other users, thus guaranteeing total confidentiality of their exchanges:

  • The encryption keys are completely decentralized, always on the users’ devices, never in the cloud,
  • No one other than the account owner can access the data,
  • No metadata is generated, maintained or exposed outside the application,
  • Data is heavily encrypted and stored in highly secure data centers 1,000 meters under a mountain in Switzerland, subject to the Swiss jurisdiction of the Data Privacy Act (DPA), making it beyond the reach of any foreign jurisdiction (CLOUD Act).

An easy-to-use application

Easy to use and accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, browser), the application offers its users a collaborative, complete and confidential workspace, encrypted “app-to-app”, which brings together in a single application:

  • an instant messaging and datarooms,
  • a videoconference space with audio and video calls,
  • file storage and data sharing,
  • online collaboration to co-edit documents,
  • contact, calendar and note management,
  • an electronic signature.
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An environmentally friendly application

By its design, SHAREKEY eliminates unnecessary exchanges and massive duplication of data between users and thus contributes to reduce considerably their carbon footprint:

  • data exchanges are replaced by key exchanges, so the user no longer needs to physically send data (email, WhatsApp…),
  • the energy consumption of the user’s devices is therefore limited, due to the low volume of data stored on them,
  • The data centers are powered by 100% renewable hydro-electric energy.
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Awarded the most innovative solution at IT Night 2022 and awarded numerous times

Collaborative suite entirely built in a crypto wallet, SHAREKEY received the Gold Medal for Innovation at the IT Night 2022 in Paris. This award was given by an exceptional jury composed of CIOs, technical managers and journalists. During the year 2021, the company has also received several awards that have greatly increased its notoriety, especially in Switzerland (Swisscom Startup Challenge, Venture Lab Leaders, Top 10 Swiss Cybersecurity Startups 2021). These awards prove the innovation of this application.

Sharekey’s website

For more informations, contact-us.

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Summary of Sharekey

SHAREKEY is a new Swiss Collaboration App

  • All-in-One (messaging, drive, video conferencing, online collaboration)
  • Easy to use
  • App-to-App encrypted
  • Designed to secure Business Privacy

It is the solution for Executives, Board Members, Legal and Finance to share highly confidential information inside & outside an organisation, from any location on any device.

Built as an open source crypto wallet, with SHAREKEY, the encryption keys are fully decentralised, always on the users’ devices, never in the Cloud. No one except the account owner can access data. All data are heavily encrypted and stored 1000m under a Swiss mountain. We are setting up a new norm in Privacy.


As Business is becoming increasingly digital, where remote work is the new norm and where we are witnessing an explosion of cyber-attacks and economic espionage, SHAREKEY has the firm ambition to become the European reference for the exchange of confidential data and for the collaboration within and outside the enterprise (zero-knowledge, zero-trust).


Protect all confidential and sensitive data (privacy by default) and change the way we work, collaborate, and communicate in business.


With SHAREKEY, you own your key, you own and control your data from anywhere, from any device.

Problem > Secure Business Privacy

How to bring business parties to interact seamlessly on a common workspace they don’t need to trust and through which they can communicate, collaborate and exchange sensitive data privately?

Solution > Swiss Collaboration App

  • All-In-One: messaging, drive, video, online collaboration
  • Easy to Use
  • App-to-App Encrypted: no backdoor, no metadata
  • Swiss Privacy Laws: no CLOUD Act

Why Sharekey is unique?

  • Swiss & Private (you have the key)
  • On Invitation Only (invite/revoke contacts)
  • All-in-One multi device, one single app for all your business collaboration
  • Designed Enterprise-grade (CIO friendly, low touch on IT)
  • Drastically reduces carbon footprint
  • Open source