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ECM (Enterprise Content Management), CSP (Content Services Platform), GED (Electronic Document Management), many acronyms, but one purpose: Simplify access to and use of your corporate content.

ECM – Entreprise Content Management

EDM – Electronic Documents Management  

Optimize your work by using ECM in your company !

Electronic Document Management (EDM) was mainly concerned with your documents, while Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses documents and all other types of content in your company. The ECM is, in a way, the evolution of EDM.

You manage information globally !

By combining EDM software that allows the entry, storage, organization, retrieval and consultation of documents with content software (CMS) to manage the production and publication of content, you obtain ECM. ECM offers you a practical and efficient solution for creating, finding and using information !

We help you determine your needs and the means to meet them, thanks to our ECM solution, M-Files.

M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content according to its nature, not its location.

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